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Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd., a holding company under Inner Mongolia Govern Group , a high-tech enterprise in Zhong Guancun authorized by Beijing High-tech Enterprise Development District.

The company has four subsidiary institutions respectively specialized in research, development, product and market. These are Beijing Kingbo Pesticide Research Center, Mongolia Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd. (product base), Beijing Processing Enterprise and Beijing Kingbo Market Center. Its own patent product, 0.6% Oxymatrine.Prosuler, has been honored as Grade AA Green Food Product Materials(LSSZ0199010501AA) in China. Its production base, Mongolia Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd., has achieved the Certificate of OFDC(P3103-915-177-2002), IMO(Nr26666),and also recognized as national patent product in China. Then, Mongolia Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd. is one of Chinese few enterprises with two titles of attestation.

As Beijings high-tech enterprise, Beijing KingBo Biotech Co., Ltd. is rich in human resources. The staffs with bachelors degree and over exceed 90% of all. Besides its own developers, the company not only has established Kefa-China Agriculture Science Nuisance Free Agricultural Resources Research and Development Center in cooperation with one of its shareholder, China Agriculture Science Institution, but also set up cooperation with such scientific research institutions as China Agriculture University and Shenyang Chemistry Research Institution through cooperation in technology, devoted to research and development of nuisance free agricultural resources products.  

0.6% Kingbo (Oxymatrine.Prosuler) is a kind of insecticide with pure plant content of independent patent developed by Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd. and several scientific research institutions in China. KingBo as a natural plant extracted, is refined and produced from several wild medical plants such as Sophora flavescens Ait, Veratrum nigrum L, and A. carmichaeli. Debx, etc grown in the edge of desert in inner Mongolia, and several breeds of active substances on the surface of plant The solvent is processed by traditional principle of making herbal medicine with modern biological technology. All of these are made into a plant pesticide of strong effect for control pests in most of agricultural plants, vegetables and teas. Several years experiment indicated that Kingbos series products not only can effectively control the aphides and lepidopteron insects on vegetables, tea and fruit trees, but also helpful to plant growth. Since it is safe to plants and environment and less harmful to natural enemy, it is difficult incur resistence.

   0.5% viviguard as a high activity vegetable source germicide, is opened Up by  Beijing Kingbo Biotech Co., Ltd. 0.5% viviguard takes On wonderful safeguard with against to multi-vegetable powdery mildew, especially vegetable, melon powdery mildew. Viviguard has a certainty prevention and Cure effect to downy mildew,gray mold, and anthracnose. Viviguard is pole low virulence and environmental protection, Particularly fits to Green and organo-vegetable.



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